Michele Foster Lucas, born in Philadelphia, PA, the middle child of eleven children, was raised on a farm in southern New Jersey. She loved art from the very beginning of her early childhood. She would draw the faces on the paper dolls that she and her eight sisters played with.
Her first notable creation was a pencil drawing of a lion on a canvas for her loving and hard working dad’s birthday. She sketched and doodled with pens and pencils most of her childhood….not knowing some day it would lead to a career as an artist, however, more importantly, she was able to translate this God given talent to bring out her spiritual belief and character.

Michele’s breaking moment came on a calm sunny day on the mall in Washington DC as she was sketching a man leaning against a tree. Looking back, that drawing was the turning point that could be said
launched her career as the artist she is so well known for today. This has happened virtually without formal training and background. However, from that day, she and others realized that she had a gift that needed to be cultivated and pursued to its fullest…..a blessing from God.

Being encouraged and supported by her husband, family, friends, and others, combined with her inner drive to create, Michele began visiting art exhibitions, galleries, museums. While doing so she had the privilege to meet an exquisite pastel artist, Laurie Cooper, out of Philadelphia,PA, whom she befriended and later gave her three lessons in charcoal pastel. She was so fascinated by the medium she began to draw faces of children with charcoal pastels. Jackson Pollard was another artist that influenced the creation of the art work titled “Carnival”.

Maintaining her independence, she began creating art work of her choosing. She began to draw whatever was inside of her and gave little heed to all the pressures that her art environment called for and sometimes demanded. Nevertheless, in her zeal to do her own thing, she soon became known for her “eyes” in her portraits.

As the years passed, Michele began to become frustrated with the dust of the charcoal pastels and decided to try another medium. Thus, her works of oils and acrylics on canvas, paper and in recent years, watercolor on rice paper.

In 2009 Michele was blessed by a group out of Washington DC who encouraged her to make a bronze. While watching TV one day, she took a plastic knife, chop sticks and fingers and created a bronze which is known as “Girlfriend”. Although the only one to date, she has intentions of doing more bronzes in the future.

Michele produced her first print in 1992 of a piece called “One Love”. She has since reproduced many of her works as giclees.

In the early years of her career, Michele has been invited to exhibit her talents at the Woodbine Exhibition in Philadelphia, PA, Galleria in Manayunk PA, and the Gallerie 500 in Washington DC. She exhibited her work and received an award at the post office where she worked for 18 years before retiring. She was a featured artist at the Essence of African Fashion Show and received the “Best in Show” at the highly prestigious October Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. In years passing, she has shown her work in the Rittenhouse, Rehoboth, and Bethany Fine Art Shows, to name a few. Michele was well received and was a featured artist at the African American Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA. She now intends to continue to show in galleries, museums, indoor/outdoor fine art shows, and fund raisers both national and international.

Her patrons include a wide array of collectors ranging from the contemporary artist, Paul Goodnight, basketball player, Hershey Hawkins and to an enthusiastic younger generation.
As a relatively new folk artist on the scene, her artistry has grown bolder of greater variety and with breathtaking emotional complexity.

Above all other impressions of her work, Michele wishes to impress upon the world that with God, all things are possible!